What To Consider When Choosing Paint for Your Bathroom

Whether you remodelling or building a new home, you need to consider choosing the correct paint for your bathroom. It may look easy to choose paint, however, you need to consider that your bathroom is exposed to water and moisture every day.

There are no rules about which paint to use for bathrooms. However, you should carefully choose the right paint to avoid the hassle of repainting after some time.

Here are some guidelines most homeowners follow to land in the right direction and get visible results.

Ease of Maintenance

Your bathroom will always be exposed to moisture, that’s why floors and walls will accumulate brown stains and drippings. That’s why you should choose paint that will make cleaning easier and faster.

Choose paint and finish that can be wiped easily. Avoid flat finishes because they are difficult to wipe and absorb moisture.

Satin finishes are glossy but are only suitable for low-moisture areas like a powder room. While eggshell finishes are very easy to wipe. However, they are not ideal for moisture-prone areas.

A semi-gloss finish repels moisture and can easily be wiped. A high-gloss finish can excellently repel moisture and is easy to clean.

Mould and Mildew Resistance

Bathrooms are exposed to moisture for a long period of time, therefore, moulds and mildews can grow easily. This is especially true for bathrooms without proper ventilation.

Moulds and mildews are hazardous to our health. That’s why you should opt for paint with anti-microbial additives that can resist mould. Once painted on the wall, this kind of paint will kill any existing mould and mildew.

Choose the Correct Primer

Peeling paint is not an uncommon occurrence in a home. Peeling is a result of trapped moisture in the paint and surface. This usually happens in unventilated areas such as showers.

Applying a moisture-resistant primer will prevent paint from peeling.

Colour Affects Mirror Reflections

Are you aware that the colour you choose will greatly affect your reflection in the mirror? The wrong colour can change your complexion.

The most popular bathroom colours are white, grey, pastel, and cream. These are good choices because they are visually appealing, relaxing, and enhance your reflection. You see, natural shades won’t recast light. therefore it won’t alter your complexion in the mirror.

Whereas, dark shades like green or blue, will cast an unnatural sheen to your skin once they interact with artificial or natural light. This causes blemishes and dark circles to look exaggerated.


With this guide, we hope you’ll carefully choose the right paint for your bathroom. Choosing the wrong paint will cost you more in the future. If you’re unsure and feeling lost, it’s best to consult experts.

Here at Townsville Painters, we offer a variety of paint options for your bathroom. With highly qualified professionals like us, we guarantee that you’ll have a stress-free painting project and give you satisfying results! We pay attention to every detail and use high-quality paint so you can enjoy your dream bathroom for years to come.

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