Painting Tools You Need At Home

So, you’re having an upcoming painting job and you don’t know which tools to buy. When you’re painting ceilings and walls, you must have proper tools to have an efficient and polished outcome. To be honest, you won’t need fancy tools and accessories. You only need the essential ones.

Here are the 11 painting tools you need before starting your painting project:


Brushes come in different sizes. Each size has its own purpose. For instance, a 2 ½ inch angled brush is usually used for cutting in and painting trim.

Roller Covers and Frame

Rollers will make painting easier and faster. When buying rollers, don’t settle for cheap covers and frame. A good roller will last for a lifetime and keep thesleeves from sliding off when you’re in the middle of painting.

Extendable Handle

An extendable handle is used in painting ceilings or high walls. This helps the painter in preventing wear and tear on the hands and wrist.

Paint Can Opener

You might be thinking of using a flat-head screwdriver or any flat-edged tools to open the can of paint, however you can damage its lid and seal. Spending a few bucks for an actual paint can opener is better. You can easily open a can of paint without messing it up.

Roller Trays

When doing a painting job, you will need several roller trays. They vary in sizes but the most common is the large toller tray that’s about 9 inches. You can also choose from a metal or plastic tray. However, the metal tray lasts longer.

Paint Bucket

A paint bucket is helpful if you’re painting several rooms. Simply pour the gallon of paint and use a painting screen over the bucket lip. This makes the painting job quicker and easier.

Painter’s Tape

Isn’t masking tape the same as a painer’s tape? The answer is no. A painter’s tape is less aggressive when it comes to adhesion. When you use a masking tape, it can pull up the paint once you’re done. When using a painter’s tape, you should remove it as soon as you’re done painting.

Paint Brush Cleaner

A quality paint brush cleaner will keep your brushes clean after every use.

Putty Knife

You can use this to scape grime, drips of paint, and for embedding the painter’s tape.

Canvas Drop Cloth

Canvas drop cloth is used to catch drips when painting and cutting. It’s easy to spread and non-slip, which is safer to use in the working place.


If you’re painting high ceilings, you may need a ladder to reach every spot. Investing in a multipurpose ladder is the best.


As you can see, the tools we listed are just basic and essential. Painting will be easier and quicker if you have these painting tools at home. Here at Townsville Painters, we can do any type of painting job for you. Large projects or small projects, you name it! Our team is highly skilled and experienced. We have all the tools and equipment needed to finish your painting project smoothly.

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