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Your home’s exterior gives a lasting impression to visitors and neighbours passing by. Changing your home’s look and feel inside out is a big project which requires detailed planning. Having a picturesque exterior is one effective way to maximise the curb appeal of your house. Revitalise the look of your home with a touch of our paint and get that top-quality, guaranteed quality finish through our superior painting services.

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Why Choose us?

Outdoor Painting Townsville

To save you from more expenses, it’s important to look for a qualified painting professional with years of experience to look over your property. This also saves you from worries, hassles, and headaches over the complete makeover of your exterior. We spend as much time preparing your home’s exterior as painting it.

Townsville Painters may be the right choice for you. We work with the appearance of a home’s exterior and treat it a reflection of the owners’ image. You can trust our professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and achieve an inviting and comforting look for your property. We help you select the right colours and ensure it synergises with the overall vibe of your home.

We take pride in following a process before beginning the beautification of your home’s exterior. We will reach out to you to ask questions, ask about your preferences and understand your needs. Then, we ensure that the exterior is ready before we paint. With years of experience in the field, we have invested in new technology and training to provide the best services for you, at a cost that stays within your budget. Our exterior residential services use high-quality materials and paints to ensure a satisfactory result. We always make sure to finish everything within the project time frame.

With Townsville Painters, you have endless possibilities for the best solutions and decorative features for your exterior at affordable rates. Reach out to our friendly staff today for a FREE QUOTE. We’ll be looking forward to your call.

Townsville Exterior Painting


Protect your Home

In the long run, elements can wear down the exterior paint and materials of your home, such as wind, rain, cold, and heat. You may come to a point where you need to fix the outside of your home. Unlike interior painting, exterior painting involves is more complex job than the former. It is essential to choose the right paint to resist and adhere to too extreme weather events. The exterior’s face is as important as its interior, and updating your house’s exterior can refurbish into a new, refreshing look while protecting your property from the harsh elements around.


Enhance your Home's Aesthetics

Renewing your home’s exterior coat of paint can really enhance your property’s curb appeal. Even if you have no problem with the current colour, it needs to be repainted consistently so that your house looks wonderful because, over time, the paint fades and peels off. You can also match your home architectural style in other colours. Our exterior painters at Townsville Painters can provide colour consultations and help choose the best tones based on your preference.


Increase your Property Value

Did you know that adding a layer of fresh coatings to your home can drive the value of your property? Yes, improving your homes aesthetic appeal does have an economic benefit. A case study showed that the return on investment for exterior painting was 50% while boosting the overall property value by anywhere between 2 and 5%. Therefore, a well-painted home can be a great selling point when demonstrating value to potential buyers. If you plan to sell your house and need exterior painting services, please speak to our friendly staff at Townsville Painters.

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