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What is Drywall?

Drywall, also known as wallboard, is a construction material used in creating walls and ceilings. It’s been the best practice for the past 60 years. Drywall is appropriate for most homes and can be used to suit most circumstances.

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Drywall Repair Townsville

Drywall Benefits

This is used in many design features because it is quick and easy to install, durable, and requires simple repairs only when damaged. Drywall is used in concealing steel beams and is inexpensively easy to top off masonry above ceilings. It is also used as a fire resistance at walls and ceilings because it contains the spread of fire during an emergency.

Types of Drywall

The types of drywall have different applications and also other ways of being made.

  1. Regular Drywall – used in standard, non-rated wall, ceilings, or architectural features
  2. Fire-Rated (Type X or Perlite) – used in walls or ceilings that require a fire-rating beyond 20 minutes
  3. Impact Resistant – used in high abuse areas like schools or dormitories
  4. Moisture Resistant (Green Board) – used in bathrooms, basements, or other areas prone to moisture
  5. Sound Board (Quiet Rock) – used in multi-family units or anywhere that transmissions of noise are a concern
  6. Lead-Lined Drywall – used in x-ray rooms or areas subject to radiation
  7. Flexible Drywall – used in tight arches or curves
  8. Blue Board – used as a base for veneer plaster

If not taken care of, drywall damages result in the wall appearing uneven and structural damage to your walls. When you see a nick on the wall, a hole, crack, dents, or damp patches, many people try to repair these problems themselves. Although a great short term fix, it can lead to further problems in the future. Fixing drywall yourself can be challenging and tedious for the inexperienced. It requires time and great attention to detail. Drywall repair will give an aesthetic appeal while keeping structural integrity.

Let the professionals take care of the repairs. It will save time and ensure the results are long-lasting. Townsville Painters offer you excellent drywall repair services. Our exceptional service has been curated through our thorough preparation process with a professional approach. We only use high-quality paints to ensure long-lasting results.

We are not your ordinary professional painters; we offer a range of other services outside of drywall repair. Townsville Painters also get the job done by finishing the surface with a touch of high-quality paint.

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