What To Consider When Choosing Paint for Your Bathroom

Whether you remodelling or building a new home, you need to consider choosing the correct paint for your bathroom. It may look easy to choose paint, however, you need to consider that your bathroom is exposed to water and moisture every day. There are no rules about which paint to use for bathrooms. However, you […]

Can You Paint Over Rotted Wood?

You noticed that you have rotted wood in the exterior of your home and you might be wondering if painting it will fix the problem. However, this misconception will make the problem worse. Most homeowners tend to ignore this issue, however, the rot will start in a small area and eventually damage the structure of […]

Painting Tools You Need At Home

So, you’re having an upcoming painting job and you don’t know which tools to buy. When you’re painting ceilings and walls, you must have proper tools to have an efficient and polished outcome. To be honest, you won’t need fancy tools and accessories. You only need the essential ones. Here are the 11 painting tools […]

Can Colours Affect Your Sleep?

Sleeping is crucial for everyone. It is essential for your physical health and also for your mental health. Did you know that the ambience and look of the room where you sleep greatly affect your ability to sleep well? In fact, the colours in your room can be a contributing factor between having a good […]

Top 6 Tools You Need When Painting Your Home

Wish to add a splash of color to your walls? Or do you prefer to have an intricate paint job for your accent walls? If you think it’s time to rejuvenate the look and vibe of your home, a painting project is always an excellent idea. Some homeowners in Townsville may find the task of […]

Is Priming Before Painting Save You Money and Time

You may always hear the pros say that you must not skip a coat of primer before proceeding with a paint job. Well, it is quite true. Whether you intend to paint new drywall, old lumber, bare metal, a previously painted wall, or any other surface, a primer can surely help make the job more […]